Twitter to bring DM search bar on Androids

Twitter DM.png

Key Highlights-

  • Twitter is launching its DM search bar update for Android devices.
  • The feature allows you to jump to the message content you are looking for without having to scroll your Twitter timeline.
  • The feature is already available for iOS devices.

Twitter is on the verge of introducing the DM search bar on Android devices to let you search for a conversation by directly typing it on the search bar instead of scrolling throughout your timeline. The DM search bar option has already been brought to the iOS devices two years back in 2019.

The newly announced search bar will be made available to the improved android versions to look for the oldest to the newest conversations you had. According to Twitter, the feature for the Twitter users will be available to be used later this year. At present, one can only find the name of the person the conversation has been held with.

The actual advantage of the DM search bar will be an ability to search conversations by typing the message content, and all the related searches would appear.

Twitter has been looking forward to bringing the convenience of searching the conversations ever since it first decided to improve DMs available for public comments. It was later reported that Twitter was seeking to launch its latest DM update in May. However, the recent announcement has cleared the air about the release date being unconfirmed.

Also, various other search features have been improved by Twitter in the past, including DM thread search to find the shared media and links. The message text search is one step further for this allows the Twitter DMs to be handier to make the Twitter users return to the feature to be their primary messaging platform.

The date and time for the launch of Twitter’s DM search bar update on Android devices will soon be revealed.